Urban Railway Tracks


Keep It Simple

  • Many rail traffic planners (optimizers) have failed because of complexity

  • Our strategy is to “keep-it-simple” and provide basic planning features/tools and slowly grow into understanding and mitigating more complex rail network issues over time through machine learning.


  • Improve Capacity and increase Velocity

  • Provide better visibility of Schedule Adherence and Planning Horizons in real-time to  management and train dispatchers.

  • Smooth out the rail network by providing pacing speeds to the train, thus saving fuel and reducing train and infrastructure wear-n-tear. 

  • Bring the locomotive engineer into the real-time planning loop with the control center.

  • Provide additional tools for the train dispatcher to get a better picture for meet/pass planning in real-time.

  • Validate and Improve Base-Line Train Schedules.