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Our seasoned management team utilizes state-of-art tools and processes to ensure that development projects remain on schedule and within the budget. We adhere to all aspects of the software development lifecycle to develop better software products faster by collaborating with our clients in real-time. We strive to build software that people love to use. Our commitment to providing useful software solutions includes assisting with implementation, training, and support. Our in-house software testing capabilities and abilities to work in both a simulation environment and in the production environment ensure that you will get a robust solution.

Meet The Management Team

We  have combined experience of over 150 years in the development and implementation of Train Management Systems and Train Control Systems.

Richard Muehling Photo 1.jpg

Richard Muehling

Chief Executive


Brain Watts Photo 1.jpeg
Michael Bratcher Photo 1.jpg

Michael Bratcher

Chief Technical


Jeffrey Ochoa

Vice President of Engineering

and Technology

Raja Jayakanthan Photo 1.jpg

Raja Jayakanthan

Vice President

Software Engineering

Brain Watts

Chief Financial


Jeff Ochoa Photo 1.jpeg

Jeffrey Ochoa

Vice President

Engineering & Technology

Tim Erbert Photo 1.jpg

Tim Erbert

Dir. Network Infrastructure & Cybersecurity

Wayne McLaughlin Photo 1.jpg

Wayne McLaughlin

Sr. Train Control &

Operations Engineer

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